What is MyPages?
  • MyPages is a really simple Content Management System.
  • MyPages is a single PHP script that you include on your website. It does something sensible out of the box, but you can configure it for all your needs.
  • This website and all the other moo.li family websites run on MyPages.
  • MyPages generates semantically useful HTML with no dependencies on Javascript or any other technology except basic HTML.
  • The model-view-controller architecture of MyPages is well-known by most web developers and is powerful and flexible.
  • MyPages can generate content for mobiles and handhelds as well as the most powerful modern browsers.
How do I use MyPages?
  • Download MyPages here.
  • Add mypages.php to your website.
  • Define a view if you don't want to use the built-in one
  • Start creating pages. MyPages uses whatever is in the body tag of your content pages, then formats them with the view you've defined, so you can reuse all the existing pages in your site.
  • MyPages exposes a sophisticated object model if you want to add custom enhancementsto your pages.
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